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When The Doctor and Donna meet again
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don’t learn, it’s one of my issues

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A Short Halloween PSA


Hey the thing I reblogged earlier reminded me to mention this:

I can promise all my followers that I do notpost or reblog jump scares, ever, because A) I don’t like them and they suck, and B) I know at least a few of my followers have anxiety in one form or another and I’m not going to be that jerk.

So yes. There will be no jump scares from this blog, just wanted to ease your minds preemptively.

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Mackenzie: why is there a knife sticking out of the gelato
Dania: it's me
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Silver And Blue Rain Cloud Necklace

We all have our rainy days, whether due to emotions or weather. This silver-plated cloud necklace holds blue rain drops to depict our rainy days. Hung on a 17” silver-plated chain. Sold on Etsy.

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Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this

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catie: wow, I walk in, you're watching a movie about a vending machine and Molly's crying about salmonella
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Mackenzie: it worked, sort of!
Dania: there's egg all over the floor!
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